Brief Description Milk giving animals have four stomachs, out of which first and foremost is Rumen. Rumen contains large number of bacteria which helps in digesting feed and fodder eaten by the cattle.

However, these bacteria also degrade the protein fed to animals into ammonia and most of this ammonia is then converted to urea and excreted in the form of urine and thus a notable amount of protein is thus wasted.

This wastage can be prevented by chemically treating these protein feeds. Suitable chemical treatment of protein feeds reduces the microbial degradation in rumen from 60-70% to 25-30% and thus more protein is available to animal for absorption at the small intestine.
Rohini-Unique Organics Bypass Protein Nutrient Suppliment Bypass protein supplement of Guar Korma, Rapeseed meal and Soyabean meal.
Packing Packed in 45 kg HDPE bag.
  • Better resistance against diseases.
  • Improved growth.
  • Increase in milk.
  • Increase in fat.
  • Improvement in S.N.F.
  • Improvement in milk production.
  • Supply of necessary minerals.
Origin India