Brief Description Cattle requires different proportions of protein, fat, and fibre at different stages of development like for proper growth, strengthening of bones, developing immunity, increasing milk production etc.

Accordingly, there is need to provide a balanced feed to them in order to ensure all of the above.
Rohini Compound Cattle Feed Our brand ROHINI ensures providing feed mixture with best quality raw materials used in it. The products are FREE FROM UREA, CONTAINS MEDICINAL HERBS, VITAMINS & CHELATED MINERALS.

The feed is in Mesh and Pellets form.
Varieties of Rohini Cattle Feed
Varieties Protein (Min.) Fat Other Important Ingredients
Special 18% 2-2.5% Vitamins, Chelated Minerals, Medicinal herbs.
Chandi (Silver) 20% 2.5-3% Vitamins, Chelated Minerals, Medicinal herbs.
Sona (Gold) 22% 4% Vitamins, Chelated Minerals, Medicinal herbs.
Gold Plus 22% 4% Vitamins, Chelated minerals, Medicinal herbs and BYPASS PROTEIN.
  • Improves milk production.
  • Increase in fat and SNF.
  • Balanced diet for cattle providing various minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus etc.
  • Increases Digestibility.
  • Increased immunity against various diseases.
Packing Packed in 45 kg HDPE Bags.
Origin India