Dehydrated Green Pepper

Botanical Name Piper nigrum L.
Family Name Piperaceae
Part Used Fruit
Description Green Peppercorns are the immature, fresh (green) berries of the pepper vine - Piper nigrum. These berries are plucked fresh from the vines and processed into various speciality products while retaining their natural green colour and flavour.
Origin & Cultivation Pepper is considered originated in the hills of South Western Ghats of India. It is now grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Mexico, and Guatemala apart from the country of origin. Pepper requires hot and humid climate and grows between 20 degree North and South latitudes, from sea level to up to 1500 meters above MSL. The crop tolerates temperatures between 10 degree and 40 degree C. A well-distributed annual rainfall of 125 to 200 cm is considered ideal for pepper.
Bulk Density Min 280 gm/lt ; Min 320 gm/lt ; Min 350 gm/lt
Avaibility November – March
Packing 15 / 20 Kg Cartoon Boxes
Loading in 20ft 7- 7.5 MT
HS Code 09041150
Uses India is one of the very few countries which produce and supply Dried Green Peppercorns, wherein even the natural form of the Green Peppercorns is retained. This is a speciality product which finds a wide application in instant soups and dry-meals on account of its special characteristics and subtle flavour. It is also used in the cheese industry and for preparation of pates. By virtue of its reconstitution characteristics it is a favourite choice for housewives who obtain it from the retail in glass jars for varied application at home.
Dehydrated Green Peppercorns is used for grinding/cracking, in soup mixes and pepper mills and in meat, sausage & egg preparations.
Foreign Name
  • Spanish : Pimiento
  • French : Poivre
  • German : Pfeffer
  • Swedish : Peppar
  • Dutch : Peper
  • Italian : Pepe
  • Portuguese : Pimenta