Brief DescriptionIn humans, dietary supplements have become a necessity in order to provide those nutrients, minerals which are crucial for human body’s growth but normal diet is unable to fulfil.
Similarly, Cattle, at different stages of their life, have different requirements of minerals. While Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium, etc are major minerals, Zinc, Copper, Sulphur, Iron, Cobalt, etc are trace minerals. 
Deficiency of these minerals is likely to impair metabolism, milk production, growth, and immunity in cattle.
To prevent this deficiency, it has become necessary to provide our Cattle with additional feed supplements. 
Hence, the product ‘Premix’ is a homogeneous mixture of major and trace minerals, vitamins and other supplements which helps cattle to get the appropriate amount of minerals and vitamins as required by its body. 
This helps in minimising any deficiency in the animal’s body as well as helps in growth and immunity building.
Recently, Chelated Minerals are also being used in premixes which helps in expelling unused minerals from the animal’s body and thus avoid accumulation of minerals on kidney/liver. It allows the minerals to directly pass into the blood stream.
These products do not treat any disease or illness in animal but helps in providing balanced nutrients.
Unique Organics Premix (Mineral Mixture)Homogeneous mixture of organic minerals, chelated minerals, flavours and sweeteners. 
The minimum levels of all minerals are tested batch wise thus ensuring quality as per the standard parameters. 
We are also supplying trace minerals and other customary specific premixes, packed in their own brand.
PackingPacked in 1 kg bag poly pouch packet and every 25 such packets will be packed in 1 HDPE shipper bag.
ParameterGuaranteed AnalysisParameterGuaranteed Analysis
Moisture (%), Max.5Calcium (%), Min.21
Phosphorus (%), Min.12.75Sulphur (%)2.7
Copper (%), Min.0.04Zinc (%), Min.0.4
Cobalt (%), Min.0.012Iodine (%), Min.0.026
Chromium (%), Min.0.004Fluorine (%), Max.0.08
Acid Insoluble Ash (%), Max.3Lead (mg/kg ), Max.3
Arsenic (mg/kg), Max.15Flavourqs
Jadi-Buti etc.qs

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Brief DescriptionCattle requires different proportions of protein, fat, and fibre at different stages of development like for proper growth, strengthening of bones, developing immunity, increasing milk production etc. 
Accordingly, there is need to provide a balanced feed to them in order to ensure all of the above.
Rohini Compound Cattle FeedOur brand ROHINI ensures providing feed mixture with best quality raw materials used in it. The products are FREE FROM UREA, CONTAINS MEDICINAL HERBS, VITAMINS & CHELATED MINERALS.
The feed is in Mesh and Pellets form.
Varieties of Rohini Cattle FeedVarietiesProtein (Min.)FatOther Important Ingredients
Special0.182-2.5%Vitamins, Chelated Minerals, Medicinal herbs.
Chandi (Silver)0.22.5-3%Vitamins, Chelated Minerals, Medicinal herbs.
Sona (Gold)0.220.04Vitamins, Chelated Minerals, Medicinal herbs.
Gold Plus0.220.04Vitamins, Chelated minerals, Medicinal herbs and BYPASS PROTEIN.
Benefits•Improves milk production.
•Increase in fat and SNF. 
•Balanced diet for cattle providing various minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus etc. 
•Increases Digestibility. 
•Increased immunity against various diseases. 
PackingPacked in 45 kg HDPE Bags.
Brief DescriptionMilk giving animals have four stomachs, out of which first and foremost is Rumen. Rumen contains large number of bacteria which helps in digesting feed and fodder eaten by the cattle.
However, these bacteria also degrade the protein fed to animals in the form of protein cake/meals such as of soya, canola, guar and cotton seed into ammonia. Most of this ammonia is then converted to urea and excreted in the form of urine and a notable amount of protein is thus wasted.
In order to increase the efficiency of protein utilisation from the highly degradable oil cake/meals, there is a need to protect these proteins from degradation by suitable treatment so that the amino acid for milk production can be increased by decreasing the degradability of protein
Bypass Protein is the recent development in the field of feed for ruminant which decreases the Rumen Degradable protein (RDP) allowing availability of more amino acid for milk synthesis (enhanced Rumen Undegradable Protein /RUP)
QualityWe offer heat tread bypass protein as well as chemically treated bypass protein for ruminants. All our products are non-genetically modified (NON -GMO) having RUP of min 65% of total crude protein in the feed reducing the RDP to as low as 35%
· Heat Treated Bypass Protein:
· Formaldehyde Treated Bypass Protein
Rohini-Unique Organics Bypass Protein Nutrient Supplement· Guar Bypass Protein (Non-GMO)
· Canola Bypass Protein (Non-GMO)
· Soya Bypass Protein (Non-GMO)
PackingHDPE bag/Loose in containers
BenefitsBetter resistance against diseases.
Improved growth.
Increase in milk.
Increase in fat.
Improvement in S.N.F.
Improvement in milk production.
Supply of necessary minerals.
Brief DescriptionA slow release molasses-based cattle feed supplement as to provide instant energy to ruminants along with balance intake of mineral/s and further enhanced with Ayurvedic herbs to intensify the result on the growth of ruminants it is a most suitable products to all age group as advised by vetenaery doctors - it is most palatable and water soluble -farmers can dissolve it in water and the mix can be offered to ruminants.
QualityNon-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO)
Packing10kg Buckets
Benefits•Promotes animal health
•Improves digestion of fibre
•Helps reduce heat related stress
•Improves thickness of milk
•Ayurvedic Herbs help to repair wear and tear of cattle body, tone and nourish the reproductive organs of ruminant, increase milk yield, regulate heat periods and easy let down of milk

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What we do: We understand the approach of the customer about the product and with the help of our more than two decades of experience in dealing with domestic and overseas buyers, provide technical, packaging and marketing consultation as well as and when required. The manufacturing process involves the quality assurance as well as proper record-keeping of back-source documents and the lab reports. Our man force is qualified to work in compliance with the requirements of ISO and act as our asset in timely delivery of the finished product.


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•Direct manufacturer – R&D, Manufacturing, Labelling, Packing, Dispatch all done from our own unit
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•ISO and FSSAI compliant unit
•Professional and Ethical trade terms and services
•Prompt reply to the order and product query
•Free Technical consultation for the betterment of the product
•Assistance in suggesting the packing, marketing and distribution techniques for better marketability of your product
•In-house laboratory with experienced technical staff for conducting, physical, microbiological and chemical tests in the cattle feed and supplements


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