Brief Description In humans, dietary supplements have become a necessity in order to provide those nutrients, minerals which are crucial for human body’s growth but normal diet is unable to fulfil.

Similarly, Cattle, at different stages of their life, have different requirements of minerals. While Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium , etc are major minerals , Zinc , Copper , Sulphur , Iron , Cobalt, etc are trace minerals.

Deficiency of these minerals is likely to impair metabolism, milk production, growth, and immunity in cattle.

To prevent this deficiency, it has become necessary to provide our Cattle with additional feed supplements.

Hence, the product ‘Premix’ is a homogeneous mixture of major and trace minerals, vitamins and other supplements which helps cattle to get the appropriate amount of minerals and vitamins as required by its body.

This helps in minimising any deficiency in the animal’s body as well as helps in growth and immunity building.

Recently, Chelated Minerals are also being used in premixes which helps in expelling unused minerals from the animal’s body and thus avoid accumulation of minerals on kidney/liver. It allows the minerals to directly pass into the blood stream.

These products do not treat any disease or illness in animal but helps in providing balanced nutrients.
Unique Organics Premix (Mineral Mixture) Homogeneous mixture of organic minerals, chelated minerals, flavours and sweeteners.

The minimum levels of all minerals are tested batch wise thus ensuring quality as per the standard parameters.

We are also supplying trace minerals and other customary specific premixes, packed in their own brand.
Packing Packed in 1 kg bag poly pouch packet and every 25 such packets will be packed in 1 HDPE shipper bag.
Origin India

Parameter Guaranteed Analysis Parameter Guaranteed Analysis
Moisture (%), Max. 5.00 Calcium (%), Min. 21.00
Phosphorus (%), Min. 12.75 Sulphur (%) 2.70
Copper (%), Min. 0.04 Zinc (%), Min. 0.40
Cobalt (%), Min. 0.012 Iodine (%), Min. 0.026
Chromium (%), Min. 0.004 Fluorine (%), Max. 0.08
Acid Insoluble Ash (%), Max. 3.00 Lead (mg/kg ), Max. 3.00
Arsenic (mg/kg), Max. 15.00 Flavour qs
Jadi-Buti etc. qs