Our Mission

Our mission is to be one of the world's best Food, Feed Ingredients & Spices Processor and Exporter as well as Cattle Feed and Animal Nutritional Product Manufacturer focused on pure, healthy & hygienic products for our valued consumers.

We will do the best to bring the level of satisfaction of the consumers. "ROHINI" our brand name for Cattle Feed and Animal Nutritional Products is trying to full fill the needs of customer regarding purity, nutrient and hygienic processing. we are keen on expanding our presence through the India with a mission to spread the benefits of our products and living life in its natural way.

Our Vision

Unique Organics Ltd assumes its responsibility in terms of health, environment, social and of course economical too. Our vision is to execute our activities which are focused and based on benefits of the mankind and society.

It's our commitment to the mankind that we will always committed to make this world an "adulteration free society"